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Ayala's Investor Relations Program

As a policy, we encourage active participation and regular dialogues with institutional and retail investors. Through Investor Relations, a unit under the Finance Group, information requirements of the investing public and minority shareholders are fully disclosed to securities regulators on time.

The Investor Relations Unit holds quarterly analysts' briefings, supports the annual stockholders’ meeting, and engages with institutional and retail investors through one-on-one meetings, conference calls, and e-mail. The briefings were made accessible to overseas analysts via a conference call facility.

We hold regular briefings and meetings with investment and financial analysts, during which they are given access to senior management. In addition, the Investor Relations Unit together with senior management regularly attends investor conferences and holds non-deal roadshows to update Ayala’s local and foreign institutional investors and overseas-based shareholders from Asia, Europe and the US on corporate objectives, including long-term goals and financial targets.

Ayala regularly updates its website to ensure that disclosures to regulators and presentations at analysts' briefings and annual stockholders’ meetings are immediately made available online to provide easy access to the investing community. In 2016, we launched our Investor Relations mobile application, through which users can access the company’s financial, operating, and stock information from their mobile devices.

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We continue to strengthen our investor relations framework. The Investor Relations Unit regularly organizes the Ayala Group Investor Relations Sumit to keep management abreast of the best practices, global trends, and external perspectives on the evolving role of investor relations. The forum is attended by senior leadership and investor relations officers of Ayala and its listed subsidiaries, who listen to international speakers share their thought leadership on topics around the increasing role of investor relations in environmental, social, and corporate governance, and integrated reporting, among others.

We have an Investor Relations Council composed of investor relations officers from our publicly-listed units. The council meets regularly to flesh out ideas and share updates to ensure the alignment of our investor relations programs. We also hold regular group-wide investor engagements, such as Ayala group non-deal roadshows attended by senior management across the group to provide investors a top-down view of the conglomerate.

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Ayala Corporation’s Investor Relations App allows access to the company’s financial and stock information from smart devices. The App allows stakeholders to download company disclosures, presentations, press releases, view latest stock prices, and access a live broadcast facility during quarterly earnings briefings.

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