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Ayala is participating in the change of the country...

...and reaching broader segments of the population.

Ayala is investing in businesses to help Filipinos build a more progressive future.

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Ayala is helping prepare the Filipino youth to enter the workforce and is training quality educators through its partnership with the Yuchengco group.

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AC Health is building an ecosystem of affordable, accessible, quality healthcare that aims to serve 1 in 5 Filipinos in the next five to ten years. It also pioneered the country’s first digital health portfolio that aims to serve more than one million Filipinos by 2020.

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Ayala serves unbanked Filipinos by providing alternative means to access the financial system. BPI’s BanKo has disbursed P4 billion worth of microloans to 60,000 entrepreneurs nationwide.

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Mynt, a partnership among Globe Telecom, Ayala Corporation and Ant Financial, utilizes mobile technology and alternative credit scoring models to provide microloans to its 171,000 users with active credit lines. It has disbursed P640 million of credit to date.

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Ayala sees sustainable tourism as an untapped potential to create jobs and transform communities. It continues to work towards realizing this potential.

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“We need to establish the appropriate environment for progress. In my view, we need a deliberate and strong alignment with sustainability principles and adopt long-term thinking. This of course should also be complemented by effective execution and meaningful impact in critical sectors, especially finance, tourism, education and healthcare.”

- Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Ayala President & COO


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