Paving Ways Toward Inclusive Growth

Our success as a business is directly related to the growth and well-being of the communities around us. We rely on a larger and more prosperous public, not only to broaden demand for our products and services, but also to provide an enabling social environment that will allow us to work more efficiently and innovate further.

At Ayala, we believe that finding and delivering social goods as a way to drive profit and create inclusive economic growth is the only way forward.

Developing Our Human Capital

Ayala is driven by people with a passion for excellence and innovation.

We nurture our employees by providing training and development programs, as well as an environment that fosters personal development and career growth. We uphold equal opportunities for professional advancement by recognizing skills, talents, and core competencies. We treat our employees fairly and reward them based on performance and contributions to the achievement of our goals.

Because our businesses promote responsibility and empowerment, we protect the welfare of our employees by providing an open workplace where concerns may be addressed and resolved. We comply with all labor and human rights laws, including health and safety standards, throughout our operations and strictly enforce our codes of ethical behavior and conduct. Our Human Resources (HR) Council, composed of HR decision makers and policy makers, creates synergy among our companies to realize greater cost efficiencies and develops innovative programs that add value to business.

Creating Social Value

As Ayala expands its product and service lines to meet the needs of a broader customer base, it also seeks to address bigger concerns of society. This commitment to deliver social value through innovative, reliable, and high quality products and services makes good business sense.

Ayala values its customers as partners in growing its business. We listen to and learn from our customers—water consumers, home owners, mall merchants, bank clients, telecom subscribers, and communities, to name a few. We anticipate their needs and innovate our products and services to serve them best.

Policy Statement on the Health and Safety of Customers:
We put prime importance on the health and safety of our customers and of the general public.

Our products and services are designed in such a way that customers and the general public’s health and safety are improved and safeguarded.

Our water and wastewater business ensures that water quality always complies with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water. It continues to implement a Water Safety Plan developed in 2009 to minimize and/or eliminate contamination at each stage—from source to production, storage, and conveyance to consumers. It reports no major water contamination since beginning operations in 1997, a testament to its commitment to secure safe and potable water supply for its customers.

Our real estate business ensures that its products and services do not pose a risk to health and safety. Moreover, by advancing sustainable design, it restores the environment and improves quality of life. For example, in mixed-use estates, it invests in public infrastructure and facilities, such as parks and open spaces, thereby enhancing the natural water cycle and improving absorption of groundwater. These, in turn, help control flooding and pollution.

Our other businesses also put customers first, providing superior end-to-end customer experience within a corporate culture of genuine service and care. Feedback are regularly analyzed and addressed to continually raise the bar of customer service and engagement.


Learn more about our sustainability journey in our sixth conglomerate-wide Sustainability Report, an externally assured publication based on G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. The report, titled Let's create shared value, underscores the commitment of the Ayala group to continue aligning its business and social initiatives with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We also invite you to view our 2015 Sustainability Video.

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