Sustainability at Ayala

At Ayala, we are aware of our responsibility to balance our impacts on the environment and society as we continue to seek opportunities for growth. Finite natural resources and the dynamic and evolving nature of society and human capital mandate us to integrate both sustainability and shared value creation into the core of our corporate strategies.

The success of our businesses begins from within the organization. We aspire to do this by inculcating accountability, transparency, and responsibility in our employees, who form the solid foundations of our companies. We also commit to the highest standards of disclosure to enable our stakeholders to see a true picture of our financial condition, system of governance, and progress toward profitability and sustainability.

Our businesses continue to actively seek and serve new sectors and spaces, including the base of the economic pyramid. Through our investments, we are expanding to embrace more market segments, especially those who are not yet part of the economic mainstream.

Throughout the decades, our vision of sustainability and shared value creation has remained clear: a business house committed to touching as many lives in positive, inclusive, and beneficial ways while staying true to our role as stewards of the environment, always mindful of the role we play in nation building.

Our Sustainability Framework

Ayala’s 360º Sustainability Framework embodies our sustainability philosophy as a business group. We developed this framework by studying our impacts on the environment, society, and economy amid global, national, and local sustainability challenges. We identified external factors and revisited our internal assumptions that affect our businesses. We developed management strategies to help us mitigate risks and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

This framework gives a comprehensive view of the material aspects, indicators, and metrics that are relevant to our businesses. We will regularly assess our performance on these parameters by integrating results into our periodic internal reporting processes.

Looking Forward

As we continue our sustainability journey, we create shared value to give lasting beneficial impacts on our society, natural environment, and national economy.

We shall continue to harness the power of collaboration to establish meaningful partnerships with other progressive institutions, expanding our operations in ways that leverage on the collective expertise, resources, and capabilities of our companies and partners.

With our 360° Sustainability Framework and the broader targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our overarching guide, we will continue to contribute to the holistic development of Philippine society.

We will continue to integrate business investment with social intervention, resource management with community collaboration, and innovation with shared value creation.

We are proud of the many accomplishments that our companies have achieved this year, but we continue to recognize that we must constantly do more, work better, and innovate further, in order to reach and enable more Filipinos to lead productive lives.


Learn more about our sustainability journey in our sixth conglomerate-wide Sustainability Report, an externally assured publication based on G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. The report, titled Let's create shared value, underscores the commitment of the Ayala group to continue aligning its business and social initiatives with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We also invite you to view our 2015 Sustainability Video

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