Employee Relations, Training and Development

Ayala is committed to the safety and welfare of its employees and keeps open lines of communication.

The company maintains a comprehensive medical and wellness program which provides for in-patient and out-patient benefits for employees, dependents and retirees. It is designed to provide payments of the actual, reasonable and customary expensed incurred by an employee and eligilbe and dependents and retirees, subject to a maximum amount limit.

We also encourage employees to undergo annual executive check-up or physical examination for health maintenance. The Company pays for memberships in gym, sports club and interest clubs. We maintain a chapel in the office vicinity for daily masses and spiritual growth.

The company conducts regular training on safety and fire and earthquake drills, in coordination with the local government fire department and the office building administrator.

Health programs for periodic medical and dental care and annual medical check-up are available to our employees and their dependents. Forty one of our employees availed of the annual physical examination and executive check-up while 58 employees and their dependents availed of the dental services. We also established an annual vaccination program to combat diseases such as flu, hepatitis B, cervical cancer, and pneumonia. Sixty three of our employees and their dependents, or 68 percent, availed of these vaccines.

The company maintains on-site medical clinic managed by doctors and nurses supervised by one of the leading hospitals in the country. First-aid and over-the-counter medicines are available when needed. A total of 27 days lost due to accident related absences was recorded in 2015.

To keep our employees energized and engaged, we organized activities designed to increase and strengthen camaraderie. Our annual foundation and summer outing day and our initial cinema night attracted 30 and 33 of our employees and their dependents, respectively. The annual Halloween Party was the most attended, where 68 of our employees and their dependents enjoyed games and other activities. We have enrolled 24 of our employees to a gym membership. We also supported our employees' sport and other interests through our annual JZA Cup comprising of golf, badminton, volleyball, bowling, and street dance, among others.



Ayala believes in investing in the growth of its employees and encourages them to enrol in degree and non-degree courses and workshops that will develop and hone their competencies. Every year, the Strategic Human Resources unit conducts a Training Needs Analysis to determine the training and developmental needs of each functional unit and to allocate resources to fund training and related expenses.

Training scholarships may be company-initiated or an employee may request to be enrolled in particular programs. The company considers the following factors when in determines the training needs of the employee:

- the need for new or additional knowledge;
- updates on new developments and technology;
- the relationship between the seminar content and the staff's current or prospective assignment;
- the employee's performance track record; and
- the employee's long-term career objectives

Ayala also extends study grants and other forms of financial assistance to deserving and interested employees. The grant may cover the matriculation fees, transportation expenses and board and lodging costs. Employees may apply for study grants for courses that require full- time study (for which they will have to file a Leave of Absence) or they may apply for a part- time study program that they can attend after office hours.

All regular employees are given opportunities for advancement through institutionalized training and career growth programs. Strategically targeting areas for improvement and advancement, these programs ensure that our employees are constantly updated with knowledge and skills needed to deliver quality results. Training programs are either held in-house, online, or thru public courses. In 2015, a total of 2,058 training hours were recorded or an average of 15.7 training hours per employee; 738 hours and 1,320 hours for staff and managerial positions, respectively..

Ayala’s groupwide Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP), developed in collaboration with the Harvard Business School, is offered to its senior leaders and officers. The program covers strategic visioning and execution, customer centricity, innovation and growth, and leading for transformation and engagement. After Ayala LEAP, leadership development focus shifted to the next line of leaders. For the middle managers, Ayala developed the Emerging Ayala Group Leaders Program (EAGLE) which focuses on strategy, innovation, customer centricity, and transformational leadership.

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